Brown and Wilmanns Environmental is a leader in developing innovative sustainability approaches for business, government, and NGOs. Michael S. Brown, Eric Wilmanns, and Vered Blass bring together diverse technical and managerial backgrounds to help clients address complex sustainability issues. Services and representative projects include:


Developing and maintaining sustainability policies, strategies, roadmaps, and programs

  • For a direct-to-consumer retailer: Developed corporate environmental principles, major short- and medium-term goals, implementation strategies, and metrics for measuring environmental performance.
  • For a personal-care products manufacturer: Developed energy-efficiency strategy and a report to decision-makers on major issues associated with energy use.

Evaluating materials, products, and services, including life-cycle evaluations

  • For a footwear brand: Conducted a life-cycle assessment of the company's signature product, highlighting improvement opportunities and providing a streamlined analytical template for product lines throughout the company.
  • For a personal-care products manufacturer: Analyzed global-warming impacts associated with multiple variations of a new product to assess the optimal combination of product and environmental performance.
  • For apparel brand: Assisted internal staff in establishing technically valid methodologies for assessing life-cycle impacts of products.
  • For consumer products research organization: Created category-specific criteria for evaluating the environmental performance of consumer products.


Establishing sustainability performance metrics and goals

  • For a paint and coatings company: Helped set metrics and goals for improving environmental and sustainability performance.

Assessing the economic and environmental performance of product end-of-life strategies

  • For companies that face regulations regarding product end-of-life, BWE helps to develop efficient collection and treatment programs.
  • For companies that want to prepare themselves for future product end-of-life and packaging regulations, we help to assess the economic and environmental performance of different strategies in light of company-specific needs and challenges, and develop the one with the best fit.


Evaluating corporate social responsibility performance

  • For personal care products manufacturer: Assessed corporate environmental and social performance, conducted benchmark analysis against peer companies, and created tiered recommendations for improvement.

Developing environmental and social responsibility reports

  • For a global specialty chemical products manufacturer: Prepared a corporate responsibility report incorporating Global Reporting Initiative indicators for distribution in print and online.
  • For a footwear manufacturer with domestic and global production and distribution: Led data collection and analysis for initial corporate responsibility report as well as the  development of KPIs and goals. 

Creating environmental benchmarking tools for a wide variety of materials and products

  • For a large footwear and apparel manufacturer: Created a materials sustainability index for use in product development processes that is now incorporated into an industry-wide sustainability index for apparel, footwear, and equipment.
  • For a small apparel manufacturer: Customized a version of the BWE Textile Calculator to allow product developers to compare the environmental performance of specific textiles.
  • For a direct-to-consumer retailer: Created a “sustainability scorecard” tool to evaluate the environmental performance of their broad product range, allowing a flexible approach to improving product lines.

Building technical capacity within organizations

  • For a specialty chemical products manufacturer: Provided training and guidance for conducting complex life-cycle assessments involving vertically integrated operations with multiple material loops.
  • For a footwear manufacturer: Provided guidance in developing data management systems for sustainability performance.